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How to establish a business in
Næstved Municipality

Business Næstved (Næstved Erhverv) is the business center for Næstved Municipality. Business Næstveds purpose is to create growth and new jobs in Næstved municipality. We help entrepreneurs get off to a good start. We help existing companies to business develop their business. And we work to obtain new businesses and investments for the municipality.

Business Næstved is thus the obvious entry point if you, as an international company, are considering setting up in Næstved Municipality. The guidance we provide is free of charge and confidential.

We know the local area. We have valuable insight into the business area's strengths and the business clusters. We are in close and continuous contact with the local company managers. And most importantly: We can help with the right contacts in relation to the public authorities.

Let us guide you to:

Attractive business premises

We work closely with the municipality, local business brokers and private landowners in Næstved on the purchase and sale of business grounds.

Market insight, data and local conditions

We can provide you with insight into local conditions, access to market research and relevant data and we are able to qualify your decision about establishing a business in Næstved municipality.

Direct contact with local contractors and advisers

We can help you find the right contractors or advisers, that are needed in connection with establishing a business in Næstved.

Financing & funding

If you are looking for financing in connection with establishing your company, we can advise you.

Local networking and matchmaking

Based on our extensive network in the local business community, we can introduce you to relevant local business partners and relevant contact persons.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Michael Kristiansen

Investment Advisor at Business Næstved Erhverv

Næstved Municipality and the local business community

The City of Næstved is located in the western part of Zealand. There are 84.750 inhabitants (2024) living in Næstved municipality – and the number of residents is increasing.

Næstved Municipality is one of the largest business-friendly municipalities in Region Zealand – measured by the number of businesses – and it is characterized by a wide selection of large and small businesses. The area is characterized by having many companies within the building and construction industry. And you will also find a cluster of companies in glass production and companies focusing on ventilation.




Current development of the local job market

There has been positive job development in Næstved in recent years. In the period dating from 2016 to 2022, the number of jobs has increased by 2,511. In 2022 a total of 30,978 employees are registered in the area.

In the period from 2016 to 2022, 138 new workplaces have been created in Næstved municipality. The development has been positive over the entire period except from 2021 to 2022, where the number of workplaces temporarily fell by 62.


Ressource City is a green development project under Næstved Municipality focusing on creating collaborations between companies working with circular economy.

Ressource City is a cluster of innovation, knowledge and inspiration, that set the framework for sustainable business development. Ressource City works closely with businesses, educational institutions and other public actors. 


Located at the old papermill in Naestved, Ressource City works as a platform for accelerating governmental and EU funding towards sustainable business development projects. It is a unique test center in Denmark under Næstved Municipality, where companies are welcome to try their business ideas out and participate in innovation and development projects.

Ressource City helps businesses to improve their economic value within a resource efficient circular economy. The goal is to support the corporate sector’s transition into circular economy. 

Ressource City

Novenco cse story

”We plan to stay in Naestved”

The CEO of NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S, Lars Erik Knaack has no doubts: "Naestved is where the company was established as Nordisk Ventilator Co. A/S 75 years ago, which gives us a strong historical connection to the city. Here we can recruit employees with the right skills, have a good cooperation with the local authorities, and here we look forward to greatly improved traffic conditions in the coming years. That is why we are pleased to build our new main domicile and production facilities in Næstved.”

NOVENCO® Building & Industry A/S stretches its roots back to 1947 and over the years has evolved into a renown worldwide leader in design, development and manufacture of ventilation products and systems on the technological forefront with regards to performance and durability. The company expertise is sustainable and energy-efficient ventilation solutions in buildings, process industries, data centres, tunnels, and car parks. NOVENCO provides the largest energy savings and most energy-efficient solutions in ventilation worldwide. 

NOVENCO has a subsidiary in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States, and offices in Germany, India and Singapore. Add to this a network of distributors and dealers across most of the world.

The core of NOVENCO’s business relates to the development and production of energy-efficient quality fans. This was underlined in 2009 with the introduction of the ZerAx® fans, which cemented NOVENCO’s leading position and commitment to green technology. The engineering of the ZerAx is an unprecedented achievement in company history. The fans revolutionize the design and performance of axial flow fans and are in fact energy-savers of the future, that redefine and herald a new generation of fans with unmatched fan efficiencies of 92%, low sound levels, recyclability ratings of 98% and product lifetimes of 20+ years.


The company currently employs a total of 180 employees in Naestved and is part of a local cluster of companies that focuses on ventilation.

Since the 1970s, NOVENCO has had its main domicile and production facilities in one of Naestved's older industrial districts, but the company will soon move to its newly built headquarters in the new attractive business area in the eastern part of the town.












”It’s all about preparing ourselves for the future”, says Lars Erik Knaack. “The new location of our domicile in Naestved has been chosen based on the future motorway plans for South Zealand. The motorway will link the Naestved area to the important North-South transport passage, when the Fehmarn Belt Link is complete.


But our new location will also serve us well in terms of recruiting new employees, as it will make it a lot easier to commute to and from NOVENCO ” – says Lars Erik Knaack and adds "Fortunately, we have a good relationship with the local authorities, as we are part of a municipality, that focuses on developing local businesses and on creating good conditions for both small and large companies. In my experience, the advice and guidance to local companies has improved in recent years thanks to a revitalised Business Naestved (DK: Næstved Erhverv)”, concludes NOVENCO’s CEO.

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